Andre’s Day Spa and Unique Gifts in Henrico, VA

"Day spa"

A fresh coat for a young patron. (Credit: Andrea Hunsicker)

Andre’s Day Spa is by far one of the most welcoming businesses I have ever been to. It’s a family-owned business run by three sisters, each of which, as well as the rest of the staff, are amazing in their own way! Kind, loving, generous, and caring are just a few words I would use to describe these outstanding ladies. Their business has been a second home to many of their clients for over 30 years.

Stories About Andre’s Day Spa and Unique Gifts

Every single customer is like family. They know the names of children, pets, and spouses. When someone is sick or has suffered a loss, they send out cards signed by everyone. They truly go above and beyond in empathizing with people and what they’re going through, but also share in celebrating their joys. They also donate to various charities each year.