Best Little Hair House in Yukon, OK

"Best beauty shop in Oklahoma"

Julie (left), the heart of the Best Little Hair Shop. (Credit: Linda Rae Harvell-White)

This is the smallest beauty shop I have ever seen, but when it comes to kindness this is the place to go for all of your cosmetology needs. The first day I went to this shop was in 2017 not long before Valentine’s Day. When I opened the door and walked in, I could feel kindness and peace almost immediately, and when I went to see Julie, a cosmetologist, the feeling just grew! Julie is more than just a nice lady, she can make you feel comfortable in less than a minute. She always has a smile, something happy to share, and is a very good listener. The shop is run by only three ladies, the owner, a hair stylist, and Julie. In all of my 70 years I have not ever felt so comfortable and welcome, all 3 ladies are very kind to anyone who walks in!

Stories About Best Little Hair House

Being a retiree I have very little money, but I do make jewelry. One day, Julie said, “You can have a shelf to put your jewelry on display and the ladies who come here will probably find something they like.” No mention of paying for the shelf, it was free. I had not ever had someone be so kind to me in all of my 70 years on earth! She inspired me to make more jewelry and when they started selling, I made more and more to sell on my shelf! Julie and I talked about how I could make her jewelry, and she would style my hair once a week for free! To this day, I have not ever felt so much kindness from all 3 ladies, especially Julie!