Branson, MO

"Live music show capital of the world" and "America's favorite family destination"

Lisa Rau enjoys cruise on Table Rock Lake. (Credit: Lynn Berry)

As a visitor, one will find it’s a pleasure to walk the sidewalks in downtown Branson, enjoy the area attractions and live shows, stay in one of our lodging establishments, fish, golf or shop in one of the nicest places in America. What makes Branson thrive and demonstrates the why (or how), is simply in our local residents and workforce. It all starts with a commitment of building a legacy. We all take pride and ownership in our community and we champion Family, Faith, Friends, Flag and Future. We focus on living this legacy, each day and in every way, and passing it on.

There’s no such thing as a stranger in Branson. It’s a safe and family-friendly environment, not a curse word to be heard. Veterans are celebrated everyday in Branson, where God and country are prevalent. You know you’re in a unique place when you walk up to the return counter at Walmart and are greeted with a smile — that’s when I knew something was different here. At restaurants, even drive-thrus, you hear, “Have a nice day,” and “How are you?” When you ask for something the response is, “My pleasure.” People are truly appreciative to have a job and want nothing more than to serve you.

Finale of Branson’s Most Wonderful Time of the Year parade. (Credit: Lynn Berry)

Stories About Branson

You see, it’s not just one particular story that demonstrates how Branson is one of the “Nicest Places in America,” as you can read stories supporting this in every edition of our local newspapers. In fact, just this week a story was published in the Branson Tri-Lakes News about how a nine-year-old boy from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, who suffers from a terminal illness, had seen an advertisement on television about Dolly Parton’s Stampede. This young boy, named Grant, fell in love with the horses he saw on TV and wanted his family vacation to include a visit to this local dinner theater, The Most Fun Place to Eat! He shared with his family his desire to one day be a policeman. Well, word quickly spread he was coming to town and emergency responders put together an action plan. Branson police officers, Taney County Sheriff Deputies and Missouri State Troopers met the family about five miles north of town and they escorted Grant and his family with lights and sirens right to their destination. Branson firefighters even set up the their ladder truck on an overpass with firefighters waving as the family was escorted into town. Not requested, or expected, just the right and nicest thing to do for a family taking care of a special little boy!

Another story ran this week about a woman named Peggy Campbell of Wildwood, Florida. Long story short, she served in the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service). She was part of a very special group of women in the Navy during the time period of the ’50s to the ’70s. She organized a reunion in Branson, recognizing its central location in the nation and dedication to honoring veterans. Ms. Campbell was quoted as saying, “The response has been great and the camaraderie unbelievable.” Although we began as strangers with a common experience we have again become sisters in arms, and have reunited many old friends as well as made many new ones. Branson is one of the nicest places that welcomes thousands of Veterans who visit the community. Our live music shows honor the Veterans during their performances, and we host one of the nation’s largest Veteran’s Day parades, going for almost 80 years.

Ally’s Story

Leaving Branson might be one of the “nicest” things about it! We have the friendliest airport in the world, beautifully decorated and full of charity and compassion. Every plane that leaves gets a proper send off from the airport staff.

Call it the “Branson wave”! Every airplane gets a proper send off from Branson. (Credit: Amy Ewing)