Brigham City, UT

"Tiny town, big on love"

The modern day Mayberry is full of neighbors always willing to lend a helping hand.(Credit: Jessica Ivy)

People help each other out and neighbors here know each other by name. Most of the local “crime” is limited to the occasional barking dog, but people love their pets since most houses have at least one dog or cat. You’re always greeted by friends and treated like family no matter where you go whether you’re visiting Corbin’s Grille for luxury dining or eating family style at Idle Isle Cafe. Our little town is the modern version of TV’s Mayberry. It truly is the nicest place to live, work and play.

On many snow-covered winter mornings, I have found my car and driveway cleared by an anonymous neighbor. In fact, we help each other clear the driveways and salt the sidewalks every winter. I’ve also found spring blooms planted in my flower box by an anonymous gardener.  I try to return these kind favors by gifting my time, food, or supplies to neighbors as much as I can. You can barter for almost anything you need here.

I got coffee at Starbucks recently with a friend and I was having the worst morning. I was up working for two days straight and no sleep so I desperately needed a piping hot cup of coffee. The cashier remembered me from a former visit and gave me my Starbucks card that I thought I had lost nearly a month prior. Thankfully, I was able to use my card to pay for both my friend and I. It saved us both a little cash and made the whole day better.  This kind of thing happens a lot here, when everyone knows you.

I left my keys at my bank once with no tags on them to identify me but the banker knew how forgetful I was. He kindly brought my keys to my house since he lives 2 doors down. Even my Pizza Hut guy is the sweetest. He heard me talking to my husband in the background one day telling him we needed to double our usual order to accommodate our guests, but my cell phone died before he could complete the order. I opted for Plan B and planned to entertain with chips and salsa instead of pizza. However, my Pizza Hut delivery guy came through and delivered everything we needed plus additional sides at no extra charge simple because we’re frequent buyers.  It truly is a community of nice people.

Neighbors often share their gardening tools and help mow each other’s lawns to maintain Brigham’s natural beauty. (Credit: Jessica Ivy)
A beautiful church where locals spend their Sundays in prayer. (Credit: Jessica Ivy)
Residents celebrate the holidays adorning the town in twinkle lights and decorations. (Credit: Jessica Ivy)