Casa De Communidades in Albuquerque, NM

"The Food Pantry of America"

The food pantry typically fills up 30 to 40 boxes of donated food. (Credit: Allison Groom)

I think Casa De Communidades is the “Nicest Place in America” because it not only gives food to the needy, but also is a place for families and volunteers to come together and help those in need.  I have met several people my age there, as well as taken my friends with me. It makes you feel good and helps people who really need it.

The city of Albuquerque is small. However, the people that live there are magical! They work every day to make sure that others have an amazing day, or life for that matter.

My school and church are always holding collections for animal shelters, food pantries, and clothing banks. The food pantry where my family volunteers is amazing for us and our community. It’s located in a small apartment but is full of good samaritans with big hearts. We receive the food from local grocery stores and box the food up. Anyone who needs it can simply walk up to the door and take a box. We see everything from widows to families with children who are hungry, homeless, and in need. They always say thank you and are grateful for the donations. In fact, some of the volunteers, themselves, are hungry and homeless. Despite dealing with their own issues, they still want to help others in their position.

My friend and I went for fun once and have kept coming back ever since. My friend from church, Hannah, and I are always at the food pantry, together. This food pantry is nothing like Roadrunner Food Bank or other popular facilities, it’s a local place that Hannah’s grandma runs.  When I’m there sorting vegetables, cleaning out boxes, filling new boxes, sorting and filling up food containers, and then handing out the food, as you can imagine my hands get dirty. However, it’s a good kind of dirty and I don’t mind it at all! When I leave there I have a wonderful feeling inside me! It’s like a fuzzy feeling that wraps you up and gives you a nice, warm hug!