Clinton, IA

"Paying it forward with a heart"

Daniel Feller’s final resting place, marked by the headstone donated by neighbors. (Credit: Laura Feller)

I recently experienced the most amazing act of kindness by someone who was shown the same act of kindness. I lost my husband almost three years ago. I laid him to rest the day before our 30th wedding anniversary. We had no insurance, so putting together a funeral was a challenge. I had not been able to place a headstone on his grave, and just a few days ago, a headstone was place on his grave by a neighbor, Trinda Colschen, and others. This gift means the world to my family, and I was able to design the headstone as well. I feel as though he can finally rest in peace. Trinda’s daughter and boyfriend are buried next to my husband, after passing away in a tragic motorcycle accident. The community came together and paid for their funerals and headstones. Aware that I had been unable to do so for a member of my own family, Trinda and a group of others decided to perform the same act of kindness to others. It’s meant so much to my family.