Fargo, ND

"Good manners are alive and well"

It’s easy to make new friends in a friendly place like Fargo. (Credit: Dinah Stephens)

Just new to Fargo, I was struck by how pleasant everyone seemed to be. Doors were held open for the next person; thank you and please were often used, and smiling at each other was the norm.

One day when I first got to town I heard a car loaded with teenage boys yelling and pointing at me. Having just come from a much larger city, I was scared. What would they do? At the next stop light, I pulled my car to a stop. One of the teenagers jumped out of the car and ran over to the side of my car. Checking, I made sure the doors were locked. But, to my surprise, the youngster put the gas cap back on which had been dangling on the side of the car. I had forgotten to do this when I had gotten gas.

Fargo is the nicest town ever!

Even rowdy bands of teenagers are nice and kind in Fargo. (Credit: Dinah Stephens)
Sunflowers are part of the local agricultural economy around Fargo — and their sunny disposition embodies the Fargo spirit. (Credit: Dinah Strephens)