Gilpin, PA

"Friendly neighbors and the best local auto shop with an awesome rural hometown feel"

Dean’s Auto Repair and Towing, Gilpin’s best kept secret when it comes to good service for automobiles and beyond. (Credit: JoAnn Pochiciol)

All the local and longtime residents are the most helpful and friendly people to have around, and the small local businesses are owned and run by the nicest people around. It’s just an area that is the epitome of hometown rural living, with locally run businesses and lifelong residents.

Stories About Gilpin

Being new to the area, my husband and I were quickly welcomed and given free plants and flowers for our yard by a few neighbors, and one even plowed our driveway with his tractor later that winter to save us from shoveling. The local auto shop, Dean’s Auto Repair and Towing, will go out of their way to help residents or steady customers by offering rides and doing minor fixes free of charge. They offered their connections with the township to help us repair part of our yard, and used their equipment to help us redo our driveway.