Greenville, SC

"Fall in love at Falls Park" and "Why is everyone here so happy?"

Greenville residents shopping together at the busy Saturday market. (Credit: Visit Greenville SC)

There’s something in the water in Greenville…no joking! The water frequently wins Best Tasting Water in the U.S. in blind taste tests. But all kidding aside, when you walk down Main Street in this picturesque South Carolina city, everyone smiles. But they don’t just smile, they greet you. They will not only give you directions, they will show you around their hometown, point out their favorite shops and eateries along the way, and make you feel like you’ve actually been there all along.

Stories About Greenville

When we went to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Bon Secours Arena the parking was free (I am handicapped). Although they had begun a new policy of only letting people carry clear bags into the arena, when I brought my purse they allowed me to go to a security guard and have it inspected so I could take it inside with me. They helped me on an elevator not normally used by the public and helped me get to my seat.

Taryn’s Story

The very first night we moved to Greenville from New York without knowing a single person, my husband and I went to happy hour at a local bar. Within minutes, the couple sitting next to us started talking to us. As Northerners, we didn’t know how to handle that. No one in New York would ever strike up a conversation with strangers in a bar like that. The next thing we knew, the couple was giving us the low-down on all things Greenville — the best places to eat, drink, sight-see, shop and more. As we’d come to find out, this is “normal” in Greenville. Not because anyone has to but because people want to share their favorite spots. The people who live here take so much pride in their city, no matter who you stop on the street, they will smile and share their story with you.

Sarah’s Story

You can walk around downtown safely, even at night, which can be an issue in other cities, such as Atlanta or Augusta, GA. There are always individuals or families walking or running with their dogs and it’s easy to spark up a conversation with the owner of a local business. The hospitality of the South is certainly apparent here. This city has an amazing balance of arts and culture with manufacturing and business. In addition to being safe, downtown is aesthetically pleasing. The city is clean and it’s very apparent residents care about the conditions of their homes.

Sarah and her husband enjoying Greenville. (Credit: Sarah Carter)

TD Stage at the Peace Center is where Greenville residents gather to share fun experiences. (Credit: Visit Greenville SC)