About the Home in Grand Ledge, MI

"We help make your house a home"

A young shopper assists Santa’s helper in a drawing for prizes at the annual Open House. (Credit: Janet Newell)

From the name of this lifestyle store located in Grand Ledge, you might guess that it’s about the home. But really, it’s about the people. It’s not only the shoppers, but the friendly, helpful, and pleasant staff who are always willing to spend extra time to make coming to About the Home an unforgettable experience. They’ll always greet you by name and take time to chat.

About the Home’s storefront in downtown Grand Ledge. (Credit: Janet Newell)

About the Home offers unique, one-of-a-kind gifts, home accessories, jewelry, boutique-style clothing, baby gifts, stunning artwork, high-end furnishings, and personalized, in-home interior design services to make your own home your sanctuary. Design consultations focus on blending the styles of all family members and giving a voice to each person

Stories About About the Home

For store owner Carolyn Hough Miller, the idea for opening a shop began when she was very young, and she and her sister always played store with their mom’s collectibles. They went around the house placing price stickers on items in the rooms. To this day, some of the Wedgewood pieces in her mother’s home still have those prices on them!

In 1978, Carolyn’s mom purchased a store called The Four Seasons Gift Shop, and, while her husband traveled for work, her Mom was busy building the business. Carolyn worked in the shop after college before moving into the corporate world. But her passion for owning her own shop and love of interior design was always in the back of her mind. So, on September 1, 2000, the transition from The Four Seasons to About the Home began.

With the focus on the customer experience, the shop features whimsical, fun home accessories, Michigan-made mints, and other tasty Gourmet Pantry delicacies, books, jewelry, figurines, soaps, Lampe Berger fragrances, wind chimes, and so much more. There’s literally something for everyone. But creating a home that tells your story is a big part of what the store is all about: things you love presented in a harmonious and pleasing space. Each customer is special and receives dedicated, personalized service, step-by-step until the project is completed.

A divorced man who asked for help with his house started decorating one room, and it snowballed into redoing the whole house. He says, “Every time I come home, it feels like a million bucks.”

About the Home is also a strong community and small business supporter with emphasis on the elderly, education, and animals. They work with Eaton Community Palliative Care, the Humane Society, Small Talk (an organization that helps abused children find the courage to heal), the Rotary Club, Lions Club, and local veterans. They generously support those organizations financially and through volunteer work.

Jack Jaquett and his new friend courtesy of About the Home, Sugar So Sweet. (Credit: Janet Newell)

One of the About the Home team members, Gloria Kovnot, received the Delta Township 2017 Citizen of the Year Award for her contributions. You’ll see her friendly face during the week helping customers. Recently, an elderly gentleman, Jack Jaquett, had to give up his beloved dog because he couldn’t walk him anymore. The staff at About the Home provided him with a faux furry friend that he named Sugar So Sweet. Each November, the store hosts an Open House that brings in hundreds of people from all over region and even nationally to sample Gourmet Pantry delights and choose special gifts for the holidays. Many foreign exchange students in the Grand Ledge area happily return abroad with unique items from the shop.

So, if you’d like to know what great service, great people, and great merchandise is all about: It’s About the Home.