La Red Health Center in Georgetown, DE

"Healthcare for you and your family"

The staff at La Red gathers to make sure their patients receive the best possible care. (Credit: La Red Health Center)

The bilingual staff is always smiling and friendly. The nurse practitioners are caring and truly concerned about their patients, happily spending as much time as needed with you to address all aspects of your well being. Transportation is available to and from appointments with happy drivers who are careful of their passengers comfort. Dr. Alarcon, who heads the practice, will check up on patients after hours and on weekends. There are services that go far beyond medical care, such as therapist Mike Thornberry, a family services counselor, dental care, and a WIC office to show the commitment to the community La Red cares for.

Stories About La Red Health Center

Anne Caswell, the nurse practitioner my partner and I see regularly see, sees us together and freely expresses her concerns about our health issues, encouraging us in our attempts to live a healthy lifestyle. We are never rushed through appointments, she and her assistant are knowledgeable about our health history, and have thoroughly educated themselves on Multiple Scleroses treatment.

After calling Saturday night to send me to the ER for immediate blood transfusions to treat my severe anemia, Dr. Alarcon called again Sunday morning to check up on how I was feeling. The phlebotomist is gentle and so efficient, you can’t even tell where he drew blood. After not being able to reach me by phone to set up a pick-up time, one driver drove to my home and left a note reminding me of my appointment and asked me to call him on his cell phone to set up my pick-up. Upon hearing of the date of my partner’s biopsy, Anne called the surgeon to try to get the appointment moved up.

I have dealt with medical practices all over the state but never have I felt as cared for as I do at La Red, I doubt there is a more welcoming and caring medical practice anywhere. This really the nicest place in Delaware, which is high praise considering how nice Delaware is! People smile and say hello to strangers on the street, engaging in conversations with fellow shoppers in stores and farm stands, as well as other strollers on the beautiful Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk.