Linville Land Harbor in Linville, NC

"Best kept secret in high country" and "A little piece of heaven"

Greetings from the 5th fairway! (Credit: Sis Kinney)

This place has the friendliest people anywhere! While it’s not really a town, and definitely not a city, we are certainly a community. Wherever you walk or drive (your golf cart) around this “development,” people always wave and say hello! People whom you haven’t met yet will introduce themselves, and if you look like you need assistance with something, they step up and offer to help in any way they can. Why, everyone is so friendly around here that not only do the people driving and walking by wave as they pass, but their dogs bark in greeting!

The crowd gathers for a concert by the lake. (Credit: Sis Kinney)

Stories About Linville Land Harbor

We have plenty of activities and things to do in this community, like golf, tennis, pickleball, shuffleboard, billiards, trout fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking trails, a game room, a heated pool, and activity centers for celebrations and gatherings. It sometimes seems the offerings are endless!

As for random acts of kindness, when we first moved in and were sprucing up our place, we had neighbors we hadn’t yet met offer to assist us. Things like that happen all the time to nearly everyone. People are always willing to lend that proverbial hand! One winter, as we were trying to help our daughter drive up one of the steeper hills (we’re in the western NC Blue Ridge Mountains), a random person on the street where our daughter got stranded offered to help push and when it became apparent that the car wasn’t going to go any farther, he even offered to park her car in his driveway so we could get it later.

Raising money for cancer research with a golf tournament. (Credit: Florence Maghakian)

Florence’s Story

Linville Land Harbor is a beautiful setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains that offers a cornucopia of activities for everyone, while being very affordable in the friendliest and inclusive community. I am an older person without a spouse. Many of my neighbors and friends will call or stop by to see if I need help with anything.

Fourth of July parade. (Credit: Florence Maghakian)

Frances’s Story

I worked at Land Harbor for 33 years as its business manager. Wonderful place to work and to live (even though I never had that opportunity). They offer more recreational activities than any resort in the Western NC Mountains. Wonderful parties and nice place for weddings, concerts, etc. Volunteerism out in the community of Avery County exceeds any other resort or group of people. Just very good people with a big heart! Its beauty cannot be compared to any other resort. They decorate for all seasons but especially for Christmas. People come from all over to see their splendid decorations.

Land Harbor built the first Habitat for Humanity House in Avery County. The Avery chapter was started by a couple who were homeowners. Financial aid in disasters such as Hurricane Hugo. There was one property owner who totally networked Avery County High School. He was a retired engineer from Honeywell. Worked countless hours at the high school helping with teaching kids about computers and trouble shooting the schools’ computers. Upon his death money was donated for scholarships for Avery High Students. Also a beautiful Gazebo was built in the County Seat in memory of his wife who died several years before he did. The list could go on and on for all the special people who have made Land Harbor the great place it is.