Ludington, MI

"Loveliest small town on Lake Michigan"

Dozens of people gather on a main street to form a massive heart in downtown Ludington as a show of pride for their beloved city. (Credit: Alice Anderson)

The people in Ludington always say hello when they pass someone on the lighthouse walkway or at the beach. Locals are always glad to help tourists find the best places to eat or anything else they need.

Ludington is a beautiful city of a little more than 8,000 people located on the shores of stunning Lake Michigan. Fourteen miles of golden beaches lie between the government buildings. The city’s state park is full of hiking trails, fishing, camping and two lakes for swimming.

Last year, Ludington made the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest continuing ice cream sundae, more than a half-mile long (its record was beat by Nashville, MI shortly after). The Lake Michigan carferry, S.S. Badger, calls Ludington home. During the summer, the local people go down to the waterway to wave hello or goodbye to ferry passengers.