Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, TX

"Happiest place in America"

The customers aren’t the only ones who light up at the Silos. (Credit: Pam Shields)

During both of my visits to the Silos, I couldn’t help but notice the pure joy radiating from people. Small children giggling as they were kicking balls or turning cartwheels on the lawn, employees enjoying showing off the beautiful garden, strangers waiting in enormous lines with armloads of wares joking, smiling, and sharing their finds — these people are just happy. I can’t imagine a happier place to be.

Visitors gather around as crews film for HGTV. (Credit: Pam Shields)
The Silos Baking Co’s. sweet treats are straight from the recipe book of Joanna Gaines herself! (Credit: Pam Shields)

Stories About Magnolia Market

My daughter found a substantial amount of cash on the ground and turned it in to a Silo employee. A few minutes later, another employee approached us with a box with delicious cupcakes from the Silo’s bakery and a few bottles of water. He thanked my daughter for turning in the money, and sat with us on a bench, speaking to us about how much he loved working there. He noted that it’s hard work, but his bosses were even nicer than they are on TV. We saw both he and the woman that we turned the money into a few more times that day. They repeatedly stopped and thanked us.

Kendra and Angelo pause for a photo to commemorate their freshly forged friendship. (Credit: Pam Shields)