Mobile Christian School in Saraland, AL

"More than just a private school"

Welcome to Mobile Christian! (Credit: Kelli Williams)

When a parent, grandparent, or any adult is walking on campus and comes up to any student, they are always pleasant, respectful, and eager to speak. This is so unusual in this day and time. Most kids don’t get the personal training for manners. It is ingrained in these students.

Stories About Mobile Christian School

Having never been to see a soccer game at my granddaughter’s school, I was hesitant to go to her game on my own. I pulled into a parking spot and started towards where I thought the games were held. These two young men, hot, tired, sweaty. and carrying all of their belongings evidently knew that I was unfamiliar with their school campus. I know they had been practicing a sport of some type and were just chatting and walking when they saw me. One spoke up, “Are you here for the soccer game?” I said that I was and before I could ask, he said he would show me where to go leading me there personally. He was so hot and tired and I hated for him to take even ten steps for me, but he did so without my even asking.