Omaha, NE

"The good life"

Some Omahans enjoying “the good life.” (Credit: Toni Conklin)

The people are what make Omaha great. The majority of the people in Omaha are just plain, good folk. We go out of our way to help others. We host the College World Series every year and our guests always praise the hospitality and kindness of Omahans. Not to mention the home of Warren Buffet and the Nebraska Cornhuskers! We have the best Henry Doorly Zoo and we’re home of Union Pacific Railroad. We have the best healthcare, from the VA to the UNMC, where Robert Redford came — heck all of them are top notch! We have great restaurants too! I could go on and on about how great Omaha is but you need to come — and I’ll give you a tour you won’t regret one minute!

Come to Omaha and the locals will give you a tour! (Credit: Toni Conklin)

Stories About Omaha

People just always help others, from those in need of donations or just needing a friend.