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Nicest Places

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The Nicest Place in Tennessee: Nashville

Teens lead the way in the fight for racial justice.

The Nicest Place in Washington: Bellden Cafe in Bellevue

A café owner who had experienced extreme kindness, repays the act by keeping her doors open, her workers employed, and...

The Nicest Place in California: Rio Vista

When a Black man shares that he’s afraid to walk the streets lest he be racially profiled, his neighbors come...

The Nicest Place in South Dakota: Iroquois School District

Some students didn't have an internet connection when school went digital. Thanks to local teachers, they do now.

The Nicest Place in Nebraska: At the End of a Cul-de-Sac in Lincoln

A tradition from a world away unites a tiny cul-de-sac.

The Nicest Place in North Dakota: Minot

It's still a mystery who started planting wooden hearts all over town.

The Nicest Place in Massachusetts: Springfield

With salaries cut and Easter around the corner, an unlikely heroine made sure those who need a ham got one.

The Nicest Place in Iowa: Iowa City

Where joyful roller-skating dinosaurs are not extinct!

The Nicest Place in Texas: Highland Village

“Not all angels have halos. Some wear cowboy hats,” says Elaine Hankins of her Highland Village neighbors.

The Nicest Place in Kansas: Olathe

Listening is the first step to healing trauma, and the people of Olathe are all ears.

The Nicest Place in Hawaii: Kamiloiki Valley on Oahu

A debt-ridden student has a brilliant plan to get out of the red: He’ll do good for others.

The Nicest Place in Arkansas: Sardis

A tiny, homegrown movement to make sure folks get the food they need while maintaining dignity spreads across the country.

The Nicest Place in Rhode Island: Belmont Market in Wakefield

A grocery store scales to meet new needs for the elderly in town.

The Nicest Place in Missouri: Thousand Oaks Subdivision in Parkville

A community honors the memory of the local pyrotechnic master after tragedy strikes.

The Nicest Place in Alabama: Owens Cross Roads

Two young dancers use their talents to fill food pantries and spread the love.

The Nicest Place in Pennsylvania: Yardley

When hunger intensifies, the soup brigade mobilizes.

The Nicest Place in Kentucky: Signature Health Care Nursing Facility in Elizabethtown

A man with a camera needs just a little extra help to spread joy to everyone around him.

The Nicest Place in South Carolina: Pawleys Island

A call for support is met with a mighty response and two unlikely neighbors find common ground on racial justice.

The Nicest Place in New Jersey: Jefferson Washington Township Hospital in Turnersville

When her stimulus check arrived earlier this year, JoAnn Kates knew exactly how to spend it, sparking a movement.

The Nicest Place in Delaware: Edgemoor Terrace Neighborhood in Wilmington

Two musicians take to Facebook to bring live music to a world where concerts are forbidden.

The Nicest Place in Oregon: Hillsboro

Where essential workers are given the respect they deserve.

The Nicest Place in Oklahoma: Colefax Hill Neighborhood in Tulsa

One family turns pandemic lemons into lemonade of kindness.

The Nicest Place in New York: Riverdale Neighborhood in The Bronx

From pizza to fresh vegetables, when you're in The Bronx, you're going to get fed.

The Nicest Place in Arizona: East Gershon Lane in Tucson

When a teacher needed a hand to make sure kids got the education they deserved, a neighbor went to extraordinary...

The Nicest Place in Minnesota: Victoria’s Ristorante and Wine Bar in Rochester

Kids love pasta and Victoria's had a lot of it to share at just the right time.

The Nicest Place in Maine: The Cedars in Portland

The pandemic doesn’t care if you have Alzheimer's or dementia. But these students do.

The Nicest Place in Maryland: Gaithersburg

Young children lead the way in being the "helpers" during the pandemic.

The Nicest Place in Ohio: Clintonville Neighborhood in Columbus

Social distancing couldn't stop the party in this neighborhood.