Peeples Valley, AZ


Chuck and Leah Tidy dress the part for a glimpse back in time. (Credit: Gale Henry)

People here are the friendliest, we get together with friends and do music every week. We sit on our front porch and have coffee in the morning, and in the evening we just enjoy the breeze.

Stories About Peeples Valley

Peeples Valley is right next to Yarnell, where the 19 firefighters died a few years back battling a wildfire. My husband and I were up here evacuating people out of our small town. We had lived here for 12 years but moved away to take care of my mother. We came back about a year-and-a-half ago. Our water was once tainted with E. coli, and the fire department came around to give everyone bottled water. They did so again when cold weather busted the water lines and drained our main tanks. During the holidays, the fire department drives around to wish everyone a merry Christmas and give the children (and grown-up children like me) bags of treats. We also vote on who has the best Christmas lights display.

The people in the Valley are a family, we would do anything for anyone if they needed help. When they Air Evac people out of here, we have stayed in touch with the families to make sure they have everything they need. It’s just a great little town, full of very special people.

The Peeples Valley famous Carrie Daniels whips up lunch. (Credit: Gale Henry)