Raymond, MN

"Small-town friendliness"

Debbie Brandt demonstrates first aid to schoolchildren. (Credit: Mildred Knott Robbins)

Raymond is a compassionate community that’s small in size but big in heart. With an abundance of vitality and hard work, they keep their small town vital. The Lion’s Club installed welcome signs by every road leading into Raymond so everyone will feel welcome, and welcome to come back again. They also sponsor a Peace Poster Contest and have fixed playgrounds for the children, along with installing benches in their parks.

The Raymond Fire Department ready to roll. (Credit: Mildred Knott Robbins)

Stories About Raymond

The American Legion Post 420 erected a six-foot tall Veteran’s Memorial and a new American flag to honor all the Veterans in two cemeteries. They have organized the Memorial Day Patriotic Parade and celebrations for 91 years. Any family who suffers a loss is cared for with kindness and food for the family. There are fundraisers to help people with a serious illness. There is a Night Out event with food and fellowship for annual community building. The Garden Club keeps the main street fragrant with flowers. The three churches work together for a summer Bible school for the children and help with the Fall Harvest Fest. The all-volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Squad answer all calls for help and teach first aid to the schoolchildren. Finished projects include a Wild Life Preserve by The Old Lake, a walking track, a golf course, being a tree city, and a successful campaign to save their school. A new project is building a new covered stadium and concession area for all the ball teams. The Raymond Rockets won the State Amateur Baseball Class C Championship, and were thrilled when the Minnesota Twins invited them to play at Target Field.

One of Raymond’s many scenic nature trails. (Credit: Mildred Knott Robbins)