Saint Paul, MN

"Nice in ice"

We are Minnesota nice, and along with our sister city, Minneapolis, we make up the Twin Cities. We just hosted the Super Bowl, putting on one of the biggest parties in the country for a million people. We are also the home of the greatest summer get together, the Great Minnesota State Fair. We are the home of the Minnesota Wild, which is fun on ice all winter long. We embrace our weather and find ways to have fun. We love ice skating, sledding, skiing, and snowshoeing, and have some of the best natural parks for these activities. We are the greatest city in the Midwest. And of course we have the Mall of America, which is very close by to keep us occupied all year long.

Stories About Saint Paul

I attended a fundraising concert recently, and met the nicest couple who came to sit at our table. We found out we had so much in common, all four of us had recently retired and shared stories of fishing, golfing and socializing. It was a wonderful evening because of our new friends.

Another noteworthy event, my husband had knee surgery and was laid up for most of the winter, and our neighbor came over to very kindly shovel us out. Our local newspaper, The Twin Cities Pioneer Presshas a section called “Tainted and Sainted,” where Saint Paul citizens write in to shout out folks paying their bill at a restaurant or helping them out with car problems.