Sausalito, CA

"One road and one paradise"

Unique mailboxes for a unique neighborhood. (Credit: Eric Hecker)

Yep. One road, one hill. That’s my special slice of paradise known as Sausalito, CA. There’s one road that goes through the entire town and leads up the hill to The Golden Gate Bridge. Besides the views, the amazing fog that rolls every sunrise and sunset is a sight. The vibe in this little town is amazing. It’s indie meets tourist, if you will, and both groups coincide in harmony. My only advice: Come visit.

Sausalito’s waterfront views. (Credit: Eric Hecker)

Stories About Sausalito

The people are what makes this town what it is. The most recent example are the wildfires that ravaged northern California last September. The fires were only 30 miles to the north in Sonoma County. So many residents opened our doors to fire victims without the slightest hesitation, and I know of at least 10 friends who took in friends and even strangers who were effected by the fires. There were fundraisers and food drives within hours of the fires starting. It was amazing.