Sierra Vista, AZ

"We're small but have a big heart"

Sherri and her good friend Candy in Sierra Vista. (Credit: Sherri Vinsant)

This little town has the nicest people ever! Everyone smiles and strangers in stores are friendly and talk to you! It’s an Army town the base is just a few minutes away. They have a hummingbird sanctuary not too far outside of town. There are many places to go and see. Tombstone is about one hour away. A cavern is not to far away, too. It’s a place to visit — it might be cold outside but very warm and humid inside the cavern. Wherever you go near Sierra Vista, you’ll meet the sweetest people on Earth.

Stories About Sierra Vista

I met the nicest people ever at theArmy Base Chapel, where they invited me to their adult Sunday school class and their women’s bible study class. We were there at Thanksgiving last year and they had a luncheon where I got to help out along with servicemen and women, which was very rewarding for me. Then, at Christmastime I got to help out again at a Christmas fair, which was very rewarding to me to be able to help out those who serve our country. We made advent wreaths and they used mine to let the Army men and women see how they could make their own!

An American flag at the Army base. (Credit: Sherri Vinsant)

Anywhere you go in Sierra Vista, the people are just plain friendly! I’m from a small town and I just like small-town people, how they take time to stop and visit wanting to know about you. Of course, I always say, “no, just visiting,” but love their farmers’ market and all the friendly folks there. I just love this little town so much that I just might pull up stakes and move if I can encourage my son and granddaughter to move with me.