South Dade Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Miami, FL

"A caring place for your loved ones"

The staff gets ready for the Cinco de Mayo celebration. (Credit: Minister Carl E. Baker)

The staff and administrators always treat the patients with excellent personal care and like we are apart of their family. They always keep us safe and lifted up no matter what problems we have. They assist with our health and spiritual needs with special care and love.

Mr. George Fernandez and activities director Bianca Ruiz treat us, the patients, with loving care and never let us forget that we are all family in the eyes of the good lord and their own. The staff is a professional group of caring people. And always willing to take care of your family members in their senior years. I thank god for the staff daily. I really think they should be recognized for their excellent service.

The staff gets ready for family dinner. (Credit: Minister Carl E. Baker)