Toast of Petaluma Toastmasters Club, CA

"We all work at becoming the best person we can be and help others do the same"

Toastmasters spread season cheer among themselves and others. (Credit: Cara Wasden)

Come to Toast of Petaluma in Petaluma, CA, and your life will be transformed.

I joined this local Toastmasters club in 2005 and it literally changed my life, turning me into the best version of myself. I went from terrified with Tourette’s Syndrome to on “TOP” of the world in Toastmasters (Toast of Petaluma = TOP). I’ve seen the same transformation happen to many others.

When you arrive at the meeting it’s like walking into Cheers — everyone knows your name and they’re glad you came. In this speaking and leadership club, we become better speakers and better leaders, but more importantly, we become better people. We share heartwarming and humorous stories. We laugh, we learn, and we love. By opening up and sharing our stories, we make lifelong friends. Petaluma is a town that’s all about community connection, and Toast of Petaluma takes it to a whole new level.

People join TOP to become better speakers and better leaders. Soon after they join, they begin helping others become better speakers, leaders, and people. We all mentor one another in working on speeches, organizing contests, understanding and carrying out meeting roles. We form life long friendships. We travel near and far as cheerleaders for our fellow members who participate in speech competitions. Many of us also take the skills we learn out into the community.

For over a year now, I’ve met weekly at Sunrise Senior Living to conduct storytelling sessions with the older folks there. They get to share their lifelong stories, which has brought them all closer to one another. A few of us have also been fortunate enough to conduct Toastmasters Youth Programs and help middle schoolers and high schoolers gain skills in speaking and leadership, but more importantly gain confidence.

Toastmasters of Petaluma members spend time at a local senior living center. (Credit: Cara Wasden)

We recently had a member go in for open heart surgery. We purchased his favorite Walt Whitman book of poetry and all signed it sharing our warmest thoughts of him. A fellow Toastmaster/friend helped me in a time of need. I had so much pain in my shoulder, I could not manage to do anything. She came over and helped me prepare food for the week.

Toastmasters support each other before and after big speeches. (Credit: Cara Wasden)
As someone famous once said, half of life is showing up. And Toastmasters show up for each other. (Credit: Cara Wasden)

The Power of Kind Words

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