Village Coffee Roastery in Scottsdale, AZ

"Quality coffee. Quality food. Quality people"

Iced coffee cooler than the flip side of your pillow. (Credit: Hannah Tooker)

When you walk into Village Coffee Roastery in Scottsdale, the first thing you notice are the smiling faces. Come here more than once and you’ll be greeted by name. Priding themselves on delicious coffee, fresh baked goods and positive vibes this is one of the greatest coffee shops around. Lisa, the owner, takes pride in knowing her customers, their orders, and making sure they always feel welcomed and loved. Lisa’s mom, Carol, is in charge of making the tasty cakes and breads that grace the bakery display case each day, and you’ll find them hard to resist. Putting the coffee and food aside, the thing you should really know is how nice everyone who works here and visits here is, you’ll feel welcome whether it is your first time or fortieth. You’ll get hugged into the Village Coffee family right off the bat.

Stories About Village Coffee Roastery

Let the Village Coffee Roastery staff make your morning – or your whole day. (Credit: Hannah Tooker)

My favorite thing about this coffee shop is the fact that after you visit more than once, they will remember your name and your order. You walk in and by the time you get to the register, your drink is ready to go! This place also helps the community, this week they are having a drive to collect shoes for local people in need. In addition, you can find them giving back to the community on a regular basis, and you’ll never see them turn down a chance to make someone smile.