Washington Park Apartments in Castile, NY

"Nicest and friendliest place in the world!"

First day with a new rescue dog in Castile! (Credit: Bernadine Deering)

Everyone here is so helpful and friendly and happy. Compassionate people here. Beautiful views everyday, this is God’s country.

Stories About Washington Park Apartments

My son and I moved here about a year ago and we were used to people that back-stabbed you, talked about you and would not help you even if you were dying. Since moving here, from day one, everyone has been so helpful, kind, considerate, caring and loving. It seems no matter where we go, someone is always saying hello, smiling at you and asking, “how are you?” and saying, “have a great day!” I have never met such wonderful people in all my life and I have traveled a few places but no one or no place compares to Castile. There are so many resources here and places to help you with no matter what it is or what you need. It truly is a blessing to live here and be part of such a wonderful and great community!

Washington Apartments is full of kind neighbors. (Credit: Bernadine Deering)
Garden gnomes guard the flower bed at Washington Apartments. (Credit: Barnadine Deering)