Washingtonville, NY

"Once a Wizard, always a Wizard!"

Moms organize a fundraiser. (Credit: Astrid Delbue)

This town is simply amazing. Residents are nice to each other and are working very hard to improve the town. The Placemaking Committee has come up with amazing idea to reinvigorate the town, and town residents get together to organize fun and family-friendly events. We have incredible people willing and able to step up and help our town get better. Town people support local establishments and flash mobs are often organized to flood a store with kindness and to help support them.

Teachers in the school district get ready for a game of ball. (Credit: Astrid Delbue)

Stories About Washingtonville

Recently the town has lost a high school senior and the outpouring for the family has been simple incredible. A couple of years ago, another town resident lost her legs and hands due to an infection, and a group of moms got together and organized an incredible fundraiser to help the family updating their house and help curtail the costs of medical expenses.