Williamstown, VT

"The best place to get Maple Creamies"

Williamstown residents find a home in each other. (Credit: Bonnie Bresett)

Very rural and quiet, the folks are friendly, and Williamstown is a great place to sit on your porch to watch nature. It’s easy to have a garden and see your food grow. People are always ready to be helpful if needed.

Stories About Williamstown

Home is were the heart is, and when your home is Williamstown, you’re happy to give it. When I first arrived, I needed lots of assistance. People regularly place things by the curb that are free for the taking. While at a food shelf, I was invited to a church to teach children about cultural cooking, and even though I was a stranger, I was welcomed and the children were helpful and interested. I really had a lot of fun and they all pitched in with preparing the dishes. It was nice to feel so welcomed. When you walk, people wave and smile, and one man even stopped my sister and I to see if we were okay and needed a ride. I feel safe in this town without a worry in the world. I’ve lived in 10 different states, and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Home truly is where the heart is happiest.